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Fine Jewelry as Wearable Art

Fine Jewelry as Wearable Art

Even in the prehistoric times, alpha male cavemen used to string together all sorts of strands of various colorful beads in order to impress their cave ladies. It was a part of a love ritual and courtship. In a world of today where money makes the world go around, gentlemen still try to impress the females by buying expensive jewelry, spending millions of dollars just to show their women they care for them. And it is true, diamonds are the girls’ best friends.

Or not, it is really up to them. Wearing fine jewelry makes some women look really stunning and they have been doing this since the dawn of humanity. Even though much has changed since then, the jewels are perceived and crafted way differently nowadays but, the fundamental idea that connects them still prevails.


It is a known fact that throughout history, jewelry has always been perceived as something of a personal adornment which makes it wearable. Women like to wear it, men like to buy it to them so it all makes perfect sense. If there is a special woman in your life, jewelers Miami experts will help you out to make the right decision.

Jewelry is the key to her heart

All visitors who are very fond of outstandingly beautiful pieces of jewelry should pay a visit to Jewelry store Miami Beach. They have pieces co breathtakingly beautiful that it is almost like they are coming from another world. Some are so masterfully crafted that people are not really sure what to make of it. Some even asked if they are wearable at all because they looked almost magical.

All those gem encrusted motives and quivering flowers, all safely positioned in the special glass vitrines. With the addition of special LED lights to improve the effect, people could almost feel the jewelry calling to them.

Jewelry was supposed to just emphasize a woman’s beauty. At first, that is all that it was. Today, people became such specialists in crafting jewelry, that they took it to the next level. Their independent works have created a new form of art. Jewelry is wearable art that represents the finest and the highest quality skill and craftsmanship of the experts who are putting their souls into their astonishing pieces.

heart jewelry

Thus, a new form of art was born. People today have changed the way they think about jewelry. They think of it as of something with sensuality, something that could be a part of themselves, something like a continuity of their skin. Jewelers of today are so skillful that they can create the images that are representing sensuality, feelings, expressiveness, creativity and much more.

They are using their art to express themselves and it is safe to say that the people who are wearing that jewelry are trying to do the same. The jewelry of today was meant to move something deep within you from the first moment you lay your eyes on it. Just like art.