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New Aesthetic Outfit Clothing Trends

New Aesthetic Outfit Clothing Trends

Clothes and trends are constantly changing. They are typically unpredictable and exciting. More often than not, fashion repeats itself and looks from the past are reconsidered and altered. Today’s revolutionary age has made way for some trends to return as a different and bolder statement. The 60s, 70s even 90s looks are revisited and shown in an altogether new light.

Bright Colors

Forget about monochrome color palettes and brighten up! Bright colors and floral patterns are in this year and are reminiscent of the colorful sixties dresses. These shades are not to be confused with neon colors since they provide an altogether different array of colors. Think bright orange, bright red, the bluest of blues and you’ll get what we’re talking about.

This trend of vivid coloring goes hand in hand with the natural elements which have inspired fashion for centuries. No more gray and beige. You better step up the coral garments you got hiding in your closet.

Long Dresses

This trend has made a big comeback. Though it lay low for a couple of decades today it has become more exciting than ever. Whether you wish the boho hippie look, an elegant flowing gown, they are trendy in any style. Some are reminiscent of Victorian-styled dresses which are flowing in ruffles and usually come in lighter shades. A number of long dresses fit the style of the 70s by layering light and natural materials and creating a casual but tasteful look.


Two-piece Outfits

These are an upcoming hit in the last couple of years and they are very varied. These outfits come in all shapes and styles. The top part can either be a crop top or a short turtleneck while the lower part can be a pair of shorts, a mini skirt, or pants. They typically have some colorful patterns and are made of less natural materials. Some are even down-right sturdy. But it is all part of the aesthetic clothing trends of the modern age.

Natural Makeup

There is a growing craze for natural makeup and there are many no makeup campaigns in the media and fashion industry. This trend is one of the most revolutionary ones and it all started with the natural brow look. By growing out their natural eyebrows or any type of hair for that matter, women have proved a point about being beautiful without alterations. This positive stance has influenced a lot of changes in the world of fashion and still has a bright future.

Natural makeup looks include unplucked eyebrows, natural lip colors, one shade of eyeshadow, and no contouring.

Extravagant Jewelry

This trend goes hand in hand with the no makeup trend. By omitting bright colors on the face you have to accentuate something else. Jewelry has increasingly been more bulky, colorful and extravagant in the last decade. Again, a lot of floral elements are present which comes as no surprise. Our main inspiration for aesthetics has always been nature.

The trend includes large necklaces, dangly earrings, numerous rings, even headpieces are encouraged.